My greatest desire stems from a great love and admiration for the Lord!   Knowing who He is and having a personal relationship with Him, and the freedom and joy this brings, makes me want to share it with the world!  To share the truth about God and connect others to worship Him with His Word to bring hope, healing, restoration and freedom!

I'm a singer/songwriter/musician, co-director of G3 Global Girls for God Ministries, worship leader, wife, mother of 4, child of God, daughter of the King and totally blessed and thankful!  I am passionate about serving the Lord and helping others through the journey of life proclaiming the truth and hope we have in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  I have been leading worship for over 20 years in church proclaiming who God is, His narrative, the Gospel of Jesus Christ…being a bridge to connect others to God.

My heart breaks for what breaks the Lord’s.   So for me, involvement in humanitarian causes and helping to increase awareness is a high priority.   


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